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A Treatise on Sun & Rum

Lovely Interview of Yours Truly by Exposed Zippers

If you’re looking for a new, chic way to cover up after a dip in the pool, BASK founder, Marko Andrus has your answer. His terry cloth blazer, known as the “toweling blazer” is a highly functional addition to your next jet set. Andrus never intended to be a designer, but his label is another successful example of a non-designer launching a company based on a gap in the market for his product. He had a toweling blazer made for himself by his tailor and found himself with loads of personal orders after a trip to Nantucket. The versatile blazer is customizable to one’s liking and available for men and women. Read More... 

BASK & Donelan Family Wines team up for a unique wine pairing

Here's your ticket to bliss this weekend in The Hamptons. Order your BASK Toweling Blazer and we'll deliver your Blazer same day, wherever you are, with a chilled bottle of Donelan Rosé. Basking poolside? We're on our way. At Ditch Plains? We'll find you. On a boat in Sag? No problem.

The Skinny:

Place your order at basknyc.com in advance or any time this Saturday or Sunday (Aug 15th & 16th). We'll be on the lookout for any orders between Westhampton and Montauk. For same day delivery orders must be received by 5pm. If you'd like your Blazers and Rosé delivered to you right on the beach, just enter your local address during checkout and we'll contact you to confirm your preferred delivery location. We hope to get orders delivered within 2 hours. Please note monogram services will not be available for same day deliveries, so if you need your turf marked (and we don’t blame you) place your order now for delivery via mail next week. Any questions? Email us at hello@basknyc.com.

Remember the great rose shortage in The Hamptons last year? We do. It was terrifying. Don't let this happen to you. Order Now!

About Donelan Family Wines

"We believe that the best wines are not made but discovered and we take pride in the responsibility and privilege of distilling for your pleasure the greatest qualities and natural variations in a vineyard and a variety." Read more...


Harper's Bazaar...they get it

"Cult products have a simple way of entering the fashion zeitgeist—quietly, before taking it by storm. Enter our latest prediction: The BASK Toweling blazer, designed by New York's Marko Andrus. The boldly-trimmed jacket, made of Turkish terrycloth, is primed to replace that awkward draping-a-towel-over-your-shoulders post-swim look. The cute monkey-holding-a-martini icon on the pocket and the BASK logo, visible upon popping the collar, make the tailored jacket instantly recognizable, completely covetable and primed for cult-brand status. Case in point: "I need one!" was the shout heard around the BAZAAR offices upon the jacket's arrival." Read on at Harper's Bazaar...

And checkout the Instagram love we received from Harper's Bazaar superstars Joyann King and Kerry Pieri:


Wheels up for the long weekend! #OOTD @baskpoolside ??????

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Happy 4th y'all. Shielding the rain with my @baskpoolside jacket ??

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Top Ten Beach Cocktails

1) Mount Gay + Club Soda: A perennial favorite among sailors everywhere, there is a ongoing argument as whether this drink originated using Club Soda or Tonic. James Bond preferred Club Soda and we do too - which allows the delicious Barbadian rum shine through. Over ice add 3 parts rum to a splash of soda, garnish with lime, and let the stress of the day melt away. 

2) Rosé: Somehow the French kept this stuff a secret for decades. Now they're running out of it in the Hamptons. In August. Be sure to stock up this summer. 

3) Mount Gay Southside: The Southside's history is long disputed.  How does a cocktail born in Chicago speakeasies become the go-to summer drink at so many old-school country clubs? My guess - shady bartenders.

My preference is to use rum, but these can be made with gin or vodka instead. In a shaker with ice mix 2 ounces of rum with a 1/2 ounce of simple syrup, 4-5 mint leaves, and the juice of a lemon. If you're legit you'll include a half of an egg white in order to get the proper froth. Shake vigorously and top off with a splash of club soda. Top yourself off with our Toweling Blazer and you're in heaven. 

4) Sooo...that's really all you need. If ain't Mount Gay or Rosé in the summer, you're doing something wrong.

Rumming out copper tonight. Try this next time. #mountgay take me away

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